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We believe that we can truthfully state that BALIMO INVESTMENT AG offers the highest quality of alternative financial products and services on the market today. Since our inception, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their alternative funding goals and objectives. Colorado’s award-winning auto accident and personal injury law firm, providing the highest caliber representation with a proven track record of getting results. Our leading Denver personal injury attorneys will move mountains to get you the results you deserve. We are dedicated to our clients and have helped thousands of people throughout Colorado, recovering millions of dollars, and always offering 100% free consultations. Call us today to find out how we can help!BALIMO INVESTMENT AG commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as being amongst the best in the alternative funding marketplace.

We are able to provide access to investment programs which generate high returns and large equity increases, and are federal lawsuits alternative to conventional funding sources such as Private Equity or Banks.

The Financial Services market is going through very trying times with many countries facing challenges in the form of rising interest rates to finance sovereign debt. As a result, currency zones like the EURO are at risk, and any form of business finance is subject to strict scrutiny.

Even established companies with revenue generating projects and sound business plans are having a tough time meeting investment criteria to secure either debt or equity financing from investment companies, venture capitalists, private equity companies class action law banks. Treasure Union Investments provides the solution to this business need.

Balimo Investments AG - Our Values

Leadership: At BALIMO INVESTMENT AG, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a leader. Our company and our alternative funding solutions are always evolving as the needs of our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. Your company can rest assured that, working with BALIMO INVESTMENT AG , you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the alternative funding industry.

Customer Relations: At BALIMO INVESTMENT AG, our highest priority is happy satisfied customers. Our customers are important to us and have the right to expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Superior customer service is what do you have to do to be a lawyer hallmark of BALIMO INVESTMENT AG . We are proud to serve your company and will work hard to earn not only your business, but your business over and over again!.

Services Overview


With a great depth and breadth of expertise, we help clients achieve their goals through a wide array of strategies, in every major sector and asset class through various distribution channels.


Small business exporters are taking advantage of the world market and selling billions of dollars of goods and services overseas every year. In fact, 70% of all exporters have fewer than 20 employees. If you are one of these businesses, or would like to join in this growing trend, and you think you are too small to receive government sponsored export financing, think again!


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Structuring and organizing new funds, structuring and executing institutional and management-led buyouts, public-to-privates, follow-on acquisitions, IPOs and trade sales. Areas of expertise include traditional private equity, alternative asset funds (e.g., real estate, infrastructure and oil & gas) and hedge funds.


Balimo represents financial institutions and corporate entities in connection with the issuance of bonds, notes, commercial paper, and other capital market instruments.

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