Should Kaci Hickox be Quarantined? – New Day

Alisyn Camerota, Dr. To receive help from a Dallas car wreck lawyer, a Dallas medical malpractice attorney, a Dallas construction accident attorney, a Dallas product negligence claim lawyer, or any other type of personal injury in the Dallas / North Texas area, please dui vs dwi-laws.html">contact us today by calling (214) 651-4288.Sanjay Gupta and Kaci Hickox's attorney Norman Siegel discuss whether the nurse should submit to quarantine, her constitutional rights and dui limits public's opinion of her decision.

We asked our Twitter followers what they think. The responses were mixed, with some in favor of Hickox, and others that support a quarantine. Click to see a couple:

Now there's news that she left her house andtook a bike ride, which isn't news at all in any other situation. What's your take on the controvery surrounding Kaci Hickox?

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