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Says he was wrongly charged in attack on porn actress ex-girlfriend June 3, 2015 4:08 http://www.lawcapital.com/ AM

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- a lawyeris due to challenge felony charges facedby former mixed martial arts fighter War Machine inthe alleged attempted murder of his porn actress ex-girlfriendwww.EdBerstein.com her friend.

Attorney Brandon Sua is scheduled to argue Wednesday that his client, Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, is wrongly accused inschedule an appointment case.

Koppenhaver is jailed pending trial in September.

He has pleaded not guilty to 39 felony charges including attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping that could get him life in prison.

He's accused of beating and sexually assaulting ex-girlfriend Christy Mack at her home early last August.

Mack has agreed to let her name be used in reports aboutthe case.

Koppenhaver also is charged with attacking Corey Thomas.

He was staying the night at Mack's house when Koppenhaver arrived.

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