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Traffic signs or symbols control the flow of traffic, warn the drivers and individuals of hazards ahead, guide and give information to the drivers destination, and inform drivers and civilians of roadway services. Traffic signs are very useful to protect the public from accidents and to give full guidance to drivers to avoid a vehicular incident that sometimes causes someones death. Most of the accidents of today involve the vehicles and drivers that are reckless.

Before and individual gets their driver license they are undergoing some examinations and practical tests to prove that they are responsible enough to drive a vehicle. It is one way of making the drivers more aware to people that surrounds them and to consequences that they might face if they are involve to an accident. Some traffic signs are using colors to inform the public and drivers on what they are going to do if that color will appear on the traffic light. And people are very aware about these color symbols of a traffic light.

Stop and yield signs. When you see a STOP sign it means that you must stop before any actions or crosswalk or stop line painted on the asphalt road. Come to a complete stop, yield to pedestrians or other vehicles, and proceed carefully. It is always advised that whether you are a driver or just an ordinary individual crossing the street you must follow traffic signs and rules to avoid dangerous accidents that can harm other people or worst is harm yourself. When you see a YIELD sign, slow down and be prepared to stop9its is like a warning to everyone in the street). Let traffic, perambulators, or bicycles pass before you enter the crossroads or join another roadway. You must come to a complete stop if traffic conditions require it.

Yellow warning signs or symbols alert the public to hazards or changes in conditions ahead. Changes in road layout, proximity to a school zone, intersections or crossroads or some special situation are examples of warning signs. Slow down and obey the sign. To avoid accidents and to avoid hurting some people around the street.

In the guide signs category or group people will find route markers, distance and destination signs, and informational signs9thisis a huge help especially to people who are new in town). Green signs give highway directions and direct individuals through highway interchanges. Blue signs list motorist services, like gas, food, and lodging etc. Brown signs direct people to public recreational areas, state and national parks, historical points of interest, and scenic sites(this is usually used by new comers, people who just visited the town or city, people who loves to travel must know all these signs).

Construction and Maintenance road work warnings. When people are repairing or constructing roadways, their work areas are protected from traffic by orange warning signs and other devices (why they are using neon colors? It is because a neon color catches every ones eyes so it will give them an alert that a group of people are working on the roads or streets to give more convenient services). These signs and devices may be mounted with warning flags or yellow flashing lights or neon color cones. These warnings help to guide pedestrians or crossroads and vehicle traffic safely through a work zone and past any hazards to avoid deeper and more serious accidents in town.

Every person must be responsible enough on what they are doing in order to prevent accidents and other troubles along the way. Drivers must know their limitations and must master the rules and traffic laws. The traffic signs and traffic laws are design for people who do not want to have problems and difficulties on the streets, people who are responsible to follow all the rules and laws being implemented by the state. As a good citizen we must follow these rules and laws because it is really for us, we do not want to have headache every time we drive in streets or in main roads, so the better way to solve this dilemma is by abiding all the laws being designed for us. Must know all the dos and donts at the same time to keep the safeness of everybody.

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